NZ Wool

Sustainable Fibres

Natural fibres like wool are 100% renewable, recyclable, and biodegrade back into the earth.

Synthetic fibres such as polyester and acrylic are made up of plastic and are causing unprecedented damage to our ecosystem. 


Supporting Wool

Our hope is to encourage people to buy more wool products, to help promote its great properties and in doing so, support our local NZ sheep farming industry.

We only source quality New Zealand grown and manufactured wool yarn and so far we have worked with the following companies.

The Wool Company 
Our knitters love Utiku Wool for its softness and pleasure to handle. Utiku is a semi worsted double knitting yarn spun in New Zealand from carefully selected fleeces grown on Timahanga Station in the central North Island. The Corriedale sheep produces a soft yet hard wearing yarn. The Wool Company have over 60 years in the industry, they are passionate about wool and their impact on the environment, the perfect partner for Yarnly. 

Wool Yarns 
Based in Lower Hutt, Wool Yarns produce the most luxurious natural fibre yarns that no-one else can; custom made to inspire great textile design and produce market-leading high-fashion products.  We value their commitment to sustainability and the important role they play within the NZ wool manufacturing industry.  We love their merino possum yarns, it's lovely to hand knit and makes a beautiful finished product. 

Future Plans

As we grow we hope to start working with small homespun businesses to create limited edition ranges with naturally hand dyed wool. If you are a local wool producer and you would like to work with us please get in touch.  We are excited to learn more about what is going on with wool around New Zealand and how we can be a part of the broader craft community.